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hand shaking man, woman, reduced, bwCharitable sector studies consistently reveal that the cost of securing a new donor is about seven times higher than maintaining the loyalty of an existing one. Seven times higher!

More difficult to measure, but also incredibly important is the value of having satisfied, informed donors out in the community who talk about what an indispensable organization you are and how proud they are to be involved with you.  And what better source of dedicated volunteers and board members than a group of people who are already happily invested in your work?

It all makes sense, yet many charitable groups will direct most of their precious fundraising resources towards continually seeking new support, while only putting minimal effort into establishing and sustaining the loyalty of existing supporters.

Of course, bringing in new donors each year is critical to reaching revenue goals and maintaining at least a minimum base of support. But to sustain dependable, long-term charitable support, build goodwill in the community, have a reliable source of enthusiastic volunteers and – most importantly – be able to develop and deliver high-quality services and programs, excellence in donor relations must be a priority.

I can:

  • provide your staff, board and volunteers with an overview of what ‘culture of philanthropy’ means, and why it’s critically important to your organization’s health and growth
  • help you integrate simple, practical donor care elements into your everyday activities
  • develop a donor relations program tailored to your organization, your resources and your supporters

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