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writing-2-1312013I’m an intuitive, experienced communicator who is passionate about using the power of language to facilitate understanding, share information and achieve results.

I can formulate and fine-tune the ideas and information you want to convey to your target audience, as well as write, edit and proofread copy to ensure it has maximum impact. 

Are you a graphic designer or event coordinator in need of skilled, reliable copywriting or editing support?

Do you have a blog, article or fiction piece that you want people to take seriously and not dismiss due to spelling and grammatical errors?

Do you have a great new product or idea, but struggle with how to tell the world about it?

Are you feeling a little panicky because you agreed to deliver a speech at a special event and now you’re not sure what you want to say, or how to say it?

Perhaps you’re an executive with plenty of stats and charts for your report, but no words to wrap around them.

Maybe your small business requires refreshed website copy or a new promotional brochure to help boost sales.

You may lead a non-profit organization that needs more effective messaging to attract, increase and retain charitable support.  [Click here for details on my tailored services for the philanthropic sector.]

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