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Achieving results with clear, compelling communication:  Many worthy causes, innovative projects and important services don’t receive the attention and support they need to move forward because their messaging isn’t hitting the mark.

Having the ability to understand a variety of audiences plus the savvy and skills to fine-tune messaging for maximum impact is a unique and valuable combination.

Whether I’m editing and refreshing your existing copy or creating a dynamic new narrative about the great work you’re doing in the community, I will help you develop compelling materials that resonate with your target audiences and inspire them to engage.

As an eagle-eyed proofreader, I will ensure your text is perfectly clean and clear by finding and fixing every little slip-up that might compromise its readability.

Here are just some examples of materials I can write and edit:

  • informational brochures
  • website copy
  • proposals
  • direct mail
  • correspondence
  • case statements
  • newsletter articles
  • speeches
  • reports and impact statements
  • event programs

Relationship building to sustain support: Of course to succeed over the long term, relationships need attention, flexibility and nurturing.  I have the expertise to develop comprehensive stewardship programs that engage supporters, demonstrate the impact of their giving, and ensure they feel good about sustaining their commitment, year after year.  I can build your capacity to sustain long-term support by mentoring and advising on:

  • donor or client-centred communication
  • relationship-building and loyalty programs
  • establishing an organizational ‘culture of philanthropy’

Let’s talk!  I invite you to review the valuable services I offer and then connect with me to arrange a 30 to 60-minute no-obligation consultation. I look forward to learning about you and exploring how my writing/editing know-how and customized coaching can help you achieve your desired results.  Click here to start our conversation about taking your impact to the next level.




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