Non-profit Communication

calligraphy-1484688Many wonderful non-profit groups struggle to survive and thrive, simply because they’re not communicating effectively with potential supporters.

If people don’t understand what you do in the community and don’t know that their help is needed for your great work to continue, they’re unlikely to feel inspired to support you.

If your written materials aren’t doing enough to elevate your profile in the community and attract more donors, members and volunteers, I can help!

I know from my 20+ years working in the charitable sector that to progress from achieving modest, static charitable support to securing reliable, steadily-increasing contributions over the long term, an organization must consistently use donor-centred copy and inspiring impact stories in all of its communication materials.

Crafting effective non-profit messaging is a unique skill.  I can help you achieve the results you need by developing compelling materials and targeted strategies to engage the hearts, minds and loyalty of new and existing supporters of your organization.

I can:

  • audit your existing communication materials and edit them for impact
  • write clear, effective case statements, proposals, direct mail appeals, information materials, e-newsletters, speeches, presentations, media releases, newsletter articles, web content and more
  • help you build and implement a strong communications strategy to maximize returns
  • work with graphic designers and printers to ensure your visual presentation supports your messaging
  • prepare grant applications and reports to funders
  • mentor staff on principles and best practices of donor-centred communicating, including understanding and responding to donors’ desires and motivations, finding your organizational voice, and using the power of storytelling to share the impact of your programs

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