Here’s one of the great clients I worked with in 2018: the Winnipeg Art Gallery’s Inuit Art Centre…

The Winnipeg Art Gallery (WAG) is creating the Inuit Art Centre which will open in 2020.

The WAG holds in trust more than 13,000 Inuit artworks, only a fraction of which can be displayed. The creation of the WAG Inuit Art Centre will allow much of this extraordinary collection to finally be brought to light, with the full collection made accessible online so people around the world can experience the powerful beauty of Inuit art.

The architecturally stunning building will also be a classroom, a studio, a community centre, and a training ground for Indigenous arts workers. It will be a vibrant gathering place where everyone is welcome to experience art in new ways. Virtual reality and other technology will offer direct connections to the land, people and culture of the North, building bridges of understanding between North and South.

The Inuit Art Centre project will allow the WAG to quadruple the number of students participating in its educational programs. After the Centre’s doors open in 2020, more than 100,000 students from across Manitoba and Canada will participate in live and virtual field trips, art-making classes, tours, and interactive activities each year.

Learn more about the WAG Inuit Art Centre and how you can contribute:

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